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Addiction Hijacks The Brain, Creating Vicious Cycle Of Relapse For Those Trying To Recover

KHN Morning Briefing

“We have to realize they are unable to maintain abstinence not for lack of desire but because their brain is damaged,” said Eric Nestler, a professor of neuroscience. Meanwhile, in the race to combat the raging opioid epidemic, some people are looking at possible security measures for the containers holding the pills.

Out-Of-This-World Technology Co-Opted For Breast Cancer Research

KHN Morning Briefing

Scientists see the potential for medical breakthroughs with the help of tools originally designed to monitor space and protect planets. In other public health news: vaccinations, Zika-related epilepsy, dragon’s blood, third-hand smoke and more.

Fishermen, In A Job That Takes A Toll On The Body, Hit Hard By Opioid Crisis

KHN Morning Briefing

Ships have begun carrying anti-overdose medication as the industry tries to combat the problem. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, those seeking clean needles will now be able to get them out of vending machines, and the Ohio dealer who caused more than two dozen overdoses in West Virginia is sentenced.