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Health Gap Widens Between Appalachia And Rest Of The U.S.

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In the early 1990s, people in this economically depressed region lagged only slightly behind other parts of the country. Today, rates of infant mortality in Appalachia are significantly higher than elsewhere, and the difference in life expectancy has grown noticeably.

The Way People Touch, Use Smartphones Could Predict And Preempt Mental Health Issues

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A study has found a strong correlation between patients suffering from depression and anxiety and certain patterns in keyboard and other touchscreen actions on their smartphones. In other public health news: Alzheimer’s tests, tobacco, sleep apnea, sexual assault and paralysis, kids with inexplicable pain, and more.

FDA Ramps Up Efforts To Stop Flood Of Synthetic Opioids Coming Into U.S. Through Postal Service

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Members of Congress also are trying to address the mail issue. Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) is pushing a bipartisan bill called the STOP Act, which would require foreign postal services to provide electronic security data on all packages shipped to the United States. Meanwhile, officials are worried that the surge in opioid-related deaths in Maryland signal a worsening of the crisis.

Hospitals Nervous As Medicare Considers Paying For Joint Replacements At Surgical Centers

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If the federal government begins covering hip and knee surgeries in outpatient facilities, hospitals could lose substantial business. Also in the news, consumer groups mobilize to fight the Trump administration’s proposal to allow nursing homes to force residents to settle complaints through mediation and in support of a decision during the Obama administration to hold up Medicaid money for Texas because of anti-abortion laws there.

Most Effective Opioid Addiction Treatment Banned From Majority Of Jails

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Much of the criminal justice system still takes a punitive approach to addiction. Many who work in corrections believe, incorrectly, that treatments like methadone, itself an opioid, allow inmates to get high and simply replace one addiction with another. In other news on the crisis: driving under the influence; answers about the epidemic; how health law repeal would hurt those fighting addiction; and more.

Lack Of Access To Care In Rural Areas Particularly Hard For Veterans

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There are veterans who are making hours-long car trips just to get chemotherapy treatment. Pilot programs, such as offering van rides to those who don’t have transportation, are being instituted across the country, but funding for them can be tight to nonexistent. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump praises a new telehealth program to try to address that problem.