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Women With High Risk Of Breast, Ovarian Cancer Missing Out On Genetic Tests, Study Finds

KHN Morning Briefing

And cost is not the top reason. The majority say they don’t get tested because their doctor doesn’t recommend it. “This really emphasizes the importance of cancer doctors in this process, and that patients get evaluated and tested the way they should be,” says Allison Kurian, an associate professor at Stanford University and lead author on the study.

Not All Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers Are Created Equal

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The New York Times breaks the options down by what pain they treat, side effects and other information the consumer should know before buying the drugs. In other public health news, breast cancer surgeries, crash test dummies, mysterious illnesses, supplements and salads.

In New Trend, Counties Are Going After Opioid Makers

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“Their greedy, soulless drive for ever-expanding profits is destroying our society and we must take steps to reduce the damages and fix this problem,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz said in a statement about the latest lawsuit targeting the companies.