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Plans To Change Medicaid Unsettle Ky. Enrollees, Raise Fears For Conn. Ex-Prisoner Program

KHN Morning Briefing

Low-income residents of Kentucky who gained coverage under the expansion of Medicaid are concerned that the governor’s plan for an overhaul could leave them without benefits again. In Connecticut, the Medicaid expansion helped fund services for people when they get out of prison, but that could be threatened by GOP efforts to revamp the health law.

State Laws Block Nurses From Administering Anti-Addiction Medication

KHN Morning Briefing

Twenty-eight states prohibit nurse practitioners from prescribing buprenorphine unless they are working in collaboration with a doctor who has a federal license to prescribe it. The problem is, half of all counties in the U.S. do not have a single physician with such a license to prescribe the anti-addiction drug. Meanwhile, 19 attorneys general ask congressional leaders and President Donald Trump to not cut funding that is going toward fighting the opioid crisis.

HHS, Lawmakers Weigh Work Requirement For Medicaid, But Many Enrollees Already Have A Job

KHN Morning Briefing

Republican legislation to replace the health law could include the provision and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price has told states he is open to them adding work requirements to their programs. Also in the news: funding for the CHIP program is on the line this year, Florida lawmakers are wrestling with funding for hospitals that have large numbers of uninsured or Medicaid patients and Tufts Health Plan will manage a Medicaid program in Rhode Island.