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Parents Of Sick Children Fear Trap If States Have Say On ‘Preexisting Conditions’

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“I’m not going to risk my son’s health on the political whims of Jefferson City,” says one Missouri father, whose son requires about $20,000 to $30,000 in medical care expenses a year. The new GOP health bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act lets states decide whether or not insurers must cover people with preexisting conditions, such as birth defects.

Senator, Concerned About Pharma’s Influence, Asks HHS To Delay Opioid Workshop

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The workshop, hosted by the Food and Drug Administration, is designed to review the ways that physicians can treat pain and safely prescribe opioids. But Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is concerned that the preliminary list of groups that are scheduled to participate in the workshop have ties to drugmakers. Meanwhile, states are being overwhelmed by the increased popularity of fentanyl.

Strategy To Exclude Moderates, Women From 13-Man Working Group May Come Back To Bite McConnell

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The more moderate senators now have no obligation to fall in line behind the group’s final health law draft and will almost surely continue to work on their own ideas. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump plans to take a hands-off approach to the upper chamber’s negotiations and let Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wrangle the votes he needs.

Children’s Health Insurance Program May Be New Victim Of Turmoil From House Bill

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Funding for the popular coverage for children ends in September but it’s not clear how Democrats or Republicans want to proceed with the contentious health law replacement bill in play. News outlets also look at changes states might make to Medicaid if the Republican health alternative becomes law as well as the steps state might take if it doesn’t.

As GOP Touts High-Risk Insurance Pools, States’ Earlier Experiences Scrutinized

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Many states used these pools to help insure people with preexisting conditions before the federal health law. News outlets examine how they worked in Maryland and Colorado, plus Ohio Gov. John Kasich casts doubt on whether the House health plan provides enough money for the high-risk pools.