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Senate Plan Would Give Corporations, High Income Earners A $1 Trillion Tax Cut

KHN Morning Briefing

The draft released by Senate leaders would delay the Cadillac tax on expensive health insurance and repeal the health law’s taxes on investment income, high-income Medicare beneficiaries, employers who don’t offer insurance, people who don’t get insurance, medical devices and tanning services.

Cutting Medicaid Funding In Midst Of Opioid Crisis Would Be ‘Catastrophic,’ Advocates Warn

KHN Morning Briefing

“It would essentially write off a generation,” said Dr. Shawn Ryan, president of BrightView Health, a network of drug treatment clinics in Cincinnati. In other news on the opioid crisis, Missouri becomes the latest state to file suit against drugmaker Purdue Pharma, one in four people on Medicaid received opioids in 2015, and a county reveals its plan to curtail the epidemic.