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More Fallout From CBO’s Estimates…

KHN Morning Briefing

Opinion writers offer their analysis of the impact that the Congressional Budget Office’s calculations regarding the American Health Care Act are having on the GOP repeal-and-replace effort.

Anthem CEO Lobbies Trump And Price For Changes In Health Bill

KHN Morning Briefing

Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish is seeking a continuation of cost-sharing subsidies and “appropriate” funding for Medicaid in Republican legislation to replace the federal health law. At the same time, several high-profile groups representing doctors and hospitals are gearing up to fight the GOP proposal.

Outlooks And Assessments: Criticism Of The House GOP Health Plan Heats Up

KHN Morning Briefing

In the aftermath of Congressional Budget Office estimates regarding the number of Americans who would lose health coverage under the American Health Care Act, editorial pages move deeper into the discussion with some scalding critiques of the plan and some defenses of how it could help reduce the nation’s deficit.