Bryan Bashin who is blind holds walking aid

(Shelby Knowles for KHN)

Covid Vaccine Websites Violate Disability Laws, Create Inequity for the Blind

A KHN investigation found covid vaccine registration and information websites at the federal, state and local levels are flouting disability rights laws and limiting the ability of people who are blind or visually impaired to sign up for shots.


Have a Case of a Covid Variant? No One Is Going to Tell You

As experts race to get an approved test for covid variants, officials are severely restricted from sharing information about the cases. That makes it harder to protect others.

Montana's legislature in session

With GOP Back at Helm, Montana Renews Push to Sniff Out Welfare Fraud

Montana is one of the latest states looking to aggressively check welfare eligibility to cut costs. Supporters of such steps say it’s about what’s fair — weeding out those who don’t qualify for assistance — while opponents say it will cut loose enrollees who actually need help.

Lost On The Frontline

'It Doesn't Feel Worth It': Covid Is Pushing New York's EMTs to the Brink

Struggling with low pay and high stress, New York paramedics and EMTs are reaching a breaking point.

large sign reading Avenal State Prison

Lessons From California Prison Where Covid ‘Spread Like Wildfire’

One California county is home to the two worst clusters of covid in prisons in the country. Ninety-four percent of Avenal State Prison’s inmates contracted the virus. Physical distancing has proved impossible in a facility housing 50% more people than it should.

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The ACA Marketplace Is Open Again for Insurance Sign-Ups

Here’s what you need to know.

Look Up Your Hospital

Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

Gene Screenings Hold Disease Clues

But unexplained anomalies often raise fears.

Postcard from the Coachella Valley

Photo Essay

Dispelling vaccine misinformation and myths in California's breadbasket.

Bill Of The Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month.

Lost On The Frontline

A collaboration between The Guardian and KHN that aims to document the lives of health care workers in the U.S. who die from COVID-19.


PolitiFact and KHN team up to truth-squad health care claims made by politicians and policymakers leading up to the 2020 election.

State capital building in Sacramento, California

New Single-Payer Bill Intensifies Newsom’s Political Peril

With the introduction of a single-payer bill Friday, a group of California Democratic lawmakers set the terms of the health care debate in the Capitol this year. The move puts Gov. Gavin Newsom in a delicate political position, threatening to alienate voters as he faces a likely recall election.

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