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State Laws Ban Surprise Medical Bills. She Got One for $227K And Fought Back.

No one told a Washington state woman she was racking up massive out-of-pocket charges during a month-long emergency stay in an Oregon hospital. For six months, she and her husband were haunted by looming debt — and bill collectors.

Aspiring Doctors Seek Advanced Training In Addiction Medicine

Once a tiny specialty that drew mostly psychiatrists, addiction medicine is expanding its accredited training to include primary care residents and "social justice warriors" who see it as a calling.

Botched Operation

FDA Chief Calls For Stricter Scrutiny Of Electronic Health Records

In an interview, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb reacts to a KHN/Fortune investigation of the drawbacks and risks of electronic health records.

Health Plans For State Employees Use Medicare's Hammer On Hospital Bills

Some plans are experimenting with the idea of closely tying hospital reimbursement rates to what Medicare pays. The approach could be a game changer in their effort to control health costs.

Must-Reads Of The Week (Some Flying Below The Radar)

Executive editor Damon Darlin takes a spin as host of “The Friday Breeze,” whirling through a week of health care news so you don’t have to.

Special Coverage

Tainted Drugs

Tainted Drugs

When medicine makes patients sicker.

Bill Of The Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month in order to shed light on U.S. health care prices and to help patients learn how to be more active in managing costs.

Botched Operation

Death By 1,000 Clicks

Where electronic health records went wrong.

Look Up Your Hospital

Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

Neglect Unchecked

'Like A Ghost Town'

The number of nurses and aides dips far below average on some days and consistently plummets on weekends.

Simple surgeries. Tragic results.

Simple Surgeries, Tragic Results

As surgery centers boom, patients are paying with their lives.

A ‘Fountain Of Youth’ Pill?

Sure, if you're a mouse.

Hidden FDA Reports Detail Harm Caused By Scores Of Medical Devices


Treatment Overkill

Up To A Third Of Knee Replacements Pack Pain And Regret

Many patients face lingering pain and disappointment after undergoing knee replacement surgery, which costs an average $31,000.

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Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health’ Surprise! Fixing Surprise Medical Bills Is Harder Than it Looks

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