If Poor Neighborhood = Poor Health, Relocation Is One Solution

Research shows that living in more affluent, less segregated neighborhoods can improve health problems like asthma and high blood pressure. Communities around the country are experimenting with moving some families to boost their health.

When Food Stamps Pass As Tickets To Better Health

A federally funded program is partnering with a Latino grocery chain to reward people who use their food stamps to put more fresh produce on their tables.


Inside The Global Race To Deliver A Vital Radioactive Isotope Used To Detect Cancer

Moly-99, as it’s called, is created in just six government-owned nuclear research reactors — none in North America — raising concerns about the reliability of the supply.

When You Need A Breast Screening, Should You Get A 3-D Mammogram?

The newer images are more expensive, but it’s not yet clear if they are more effective in catching cancers that will kill.

Postcard From California: Alzheimer’s 'Looks Like Me, It Looks Like You'

At a panel discussion this week in Sacramento, patients, caregivers and others shared their perspectives on how Alzheimer’s disease affects women, who account for two-thirds of those living with the condition.

Special Coverage

Her Sister’s Keeper

Few bonds are as tight as those between sisters. But when one has paranoid schizophrenia, the relationship grows complicated.

Neglect Unchecked

Neglect Unchecked

Infection lapses are rampant in nursing homes but punishment is rare, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis.


Liquid Gold

Pain doctors soak up profits by screening urine for drugs.

The Orphan Drug Machine

Drugmakers rush into the marketplace with rare disease treatments. What's the impact on prescription costs?

Is Your Hospital On The List?

Medicare is penalizing these 751 hospitals for patient injuries.

Sickle Cell Disease

Patients, families and doctors face a ‘fight for everything.’

Meet The Medicaid Nation

Those relying on the federal government’s safety net are grandmothers, the kid next door, your supermarket cashier — maybe even you.

Navigating Aging

Judith Graham's column focuses on medical issues and advice associated with aging and end-of-life care.


Hospice Patients Abandoned

Hospice agencies promise to be available around the clock to help patients die at home. But a KHN investigation shows that in an alarming number of cases, that promise is broken.

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Podcast: ‘What The Health?’ Should You Work For Your Medicaid Coverage?

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