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2018 Elections

Fixing Obamacare’s ‘Family Glitch’ Hinges On Outcome Of November Elections

This gap in the 2010 health law means health insurance remains unaffordable for millions of Americans. For now, relief is hard to come by.

Spending Against Dialysis Ballot Measure In California Nears Record

Dialysis companies have contributed more than $104 million to defeat an initiative on California’s Nov. 6 ballot that would limit their profits — and are on the cusp of breaking the $109 million record set by the pharmaceutical industry in 2016.

Gavin Newsom Is Bullish On Single-Payer — Except When He’s Not

The front-runner in the California governor’s race, known for his political audacity, has officially endorsed the controversial move to create one public insurance program for all Californians. Yet he also faces formidable challenges, and liberal critics fear he’ll retreat.

News Analysis

Politicians Hop Aboard 'Medicare-For-All' Train, Destination Unknown

Candidates are charging toward midterm elections on a platform of single-payer and universal coverage rhetoric. Yet “Medicare-for-all” and single-payer mean different things to different people.

Marketplace Subsidies May Be Option In 2020 For Plans That Skirt Obamacare

The new guidance allows states to ask for waivers from provisions in the Affordable Care Act governing not only subsidies, but also the benefits insurers must offer in all their plans.

Special Coverage

Bill Of The Month

This investigation by Kaiser Health News and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month in order to shed light on U.S. health care prices and to help patients learn how to be more active in managing costs.

Simple Surgeries. Tragic Results.

Despite Red Flags At Surgery Centers, Overseers Award Gold Seals

A decade ago, California stopped licensing surgery centers and then gave approval power to private accreditors that are commonly paid by the same centers they inspect.


How America Got Hooked On A Deadly Drug

An inside look at how Purdue Pharma pushed OxyContin despite risks of addiction and fatalities.

Neglect Unchecked

'Like A Ghost Town'

Erratic nursing home staffing revealed through new records.

Pre$cription for Power

Patient Advocacy Groups Take In Millions From Drugmakers. Is There A Payback?

Kaiser Health News launches “Pre$cription for Power,” a groundbreaking database to expose Big Pharma’s ties to patient groups.

Fatal Shock

Avoidable Sepsis Infections Send Thousands Of Seniors To Gruesome Deaths

No one tracks sepsis cases closely enough to know how often these severe infections turn fatal. But the toll — both human and financial — is enormous, finds an investigation by KHN and the Chicago Tribune.


Liquid Gold

Pain doctors soak up profits by screening urine for drugs.

Meet The Medicaid Nation

Those relying on the federal government’s safety net are grandmothers, the kid next door, your supermarket cashier — maybe even you.

Unlocked And Loaded: Families Confront Dementia And Guns

As more Americans are diagnosed with dementia, families who have firearms struggle with ways to stay safe. A KHN investigation uncovered dozens of cases of deaths and injuries.

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