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Payback: Tracking Opioid Cash

$50 Billion in Opioid Settlement Cash Is on the Way. We’re Tracking How It’s Spent.

Spending the money effectively and equitably is a tall order for state and local governments, and a lack of transparency in the process is already leading to fears of misuse.

States Try to Obscure Execution Details as Drugmakers Hinder Lethal Injection

Pharmaceutical companies have put the brakes on many states’ ability to execute prisoners using lethal injections. Lacking alternatives, states are trying to keep the public from learning details about how they carry out executions.

Bill Of The Month

ER’s Error Lands a 4-Year-Old in Collections (For Care He Didn’t Receive)

A Florida woman tried to dispute an emergency room bill, but the hospital and collection agency refused to talk to her — because it was her child’s name on the bill, not hers.

GOP Lawmaker Calls for Tracking Homeless Spending, Working With Democrats on Mental Health

Republican state Sen. Roger Niello wants to know whether taxpayers are getting their money’s worth before spending more. Yet the fiscal conservative from the suburbs of Sacramento sees opportunities for bipartisanship on mental health.

A Progress Check on Hospital Price Transparency

Hospitals are facing mixed reviews regarding their efforts to comply with a federal requirement that they post information about prices related to nearly every health care service they provide.

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The Policy, and Politics, of Medicare Advantage

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‘Rocking Chair 360?’

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