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As Pandemic-Era Medicaid Provisions Lapse, Millions Approach a Coverage Cliff

States are trying to reach millions of Medicaid enrollees to make sure those still eligible remain covered and help others find new health insurance.

Nursing Home Owners Drained Cash During Pandemic While Residents Deteriorated

As the federal government debates whether to require higher staffing levels at nursing homes, financial records show owners routinely push profits to sister companies while residents are neglected. “A dog would get better care than he did,” one resident’s wife said.

An Arm and a Leg

Can They Freaking Do That?!? (2023 Update)

Can a medical provider you’ve never heard of send you an outrageous bill? Sure. Can you fight back and win? Yes, sometimes you can. Here’s how to do it.

Listen to the Latest 'KHN Health Minute'

“Health Minute” brings original health care and health policy reporting from the KHN newsroom to the airwaves each week.

Government Lets Health Plans That Ripped Off Medicare Keep the Money

In a surprise decision, U.S. officials yield to insurance industry demands — at least for now.

Special Coverage

Bleeding and in Pain, a Pregnant Woman in Louisiana Couldn’t Get Answers

How one Louisiana woman experiencing a miscarriage sought care amid a climate of fear and confusion among doctors fueled by that state’s restrictive abortion law.

Bill of the Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month.

Look Up Your Hospital

Is it being penalized by Medicare?

Patients for Profit

How private equity hijacked health care.



FDA experts are still puzzled over who should get which covid shots and when.

When Gun Violence Ends Young Lives, These Men Prepare the Graves

Just outside St. Louis, a cemetery for children sits on a hill. A wooden, weather-worn sign welcomes mourners to “Baby Land.”

The Disability Tax

Medical bills remain inaccessible for many blind Americans.

Will Your Smartphone Be the Next Doctor’s Office?


California’s Resolve Questioned After It Grants Medi-Cal Contract Concessions

Some industry insiders and consumer advocates wonder whether the state can stand up to insurers and force improvements in the safety-net program.

Weekly Podcast

Part I: The State of the Abortion Debate 50 Years After ‘Roe’

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‘Insurance Illness?’

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