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The Solution to Au Pairs’ Health Coverage Gaps May Be Simple: ACA Plans

Private agencies that bring young adults to the U.S. to care for children generally offer basic health insurance, but plans may exclude many types of necessary care. What the agencies might not mention is that au pairs are eligible to enroll in comprehensive coverage on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces and likely qualify for premium subsidies that would make the insurance affordable.

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Congress Cites KHN Investigation in Probe of National Academies

The House oversight committee is requesting conflict-of-interest disclosure forms from a National Academies committee studying organ transplants. KHN previously reported on apparent conflicts among members of a committee studying drug waste. 

Medi-Cal Makeover

California’s Reboot of Troubled Medi-Cal Puts Pressure on Health Plans

The nine commercial insurers in Medi-Cal must reapply by submitting bids for new contracts. The state hopes the process will improve care for low-income residents and tighten accountability, something critics say has been missing.


‘An Arm and a Leg’: They Turned Grief Into Action

This episode highlights how New York enacted a charity care law, one of the precursors to the federal provision on charity care in the Affordable Care Act.  

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Ask KHN-PolitiFact: Is My Cloth Mask Good Enough to Face the Delta Variant?

Public health experts increasingly urge people to upgrade to surgical masks, but also maintain that cloth masks still offer protection.

Special Coverage

Underfunded and Under Threat

Underfunded and Under Threat

Over half of states have rolled back public health powers in the pandemic.

Medi-Cal Makeover

Medi-Cal Makeover

California set to spend billions on curing homelessness and caring for ‘whole body’ politic.


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Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

Disabled Migrants Seek Help Through Lawsuit, Activism

A class action lawsuit seeks better care for immigrants with physical disabilities or mental illness who were detained after trying to enter the country. Other disabled immigrants without legal status are also finding it difficult to get care.

Through Novel Program, Kidney Patients Get Palliative Care, Dialysis ’Til the End

Seattle’s Northwest Kidney Centers, which pioneered kidney failure treatment 50 years ago, now pairs dying patients with hospice services.

Bill Of The Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month.

Which of Trump’s Health Policies Will Biden Reverse?


Pandemic Unveils Growing Suicide Crisis for Communities of Color

Suicides have risen among Black, Hispanic and other communities of color during covid. But the rates were already escalating before the pandemic struck.

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KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Much Ado About Drug Prices

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