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Is It Time to Change the Definition of ‘Fully Vaccinated’?

Experts weigh in as the federal government urges everyone to get boosted amid concerns over omicron, a new covid variant.

A Title Fight Pits Physician Assistants Against Doctors

Physician assistants are pushing to be renamed “physician associates,” complaining their title is belittling and doesn’t convey what they do. “We don’t assist,” they insist. Doctors’ groups fear there’s more than just a name in play.

Asking Never Hurts

New California Law Eases Aid-in-Dying Process

Nearly 2,000 terminally ill Californians have used a 2015 law to end their lives with a doctor’s assistance. A revision of the law will make it easier to do so.

A Tale of Two Medicaid Expansions: Oklahoma Jumps In, While Missouri Lags

Voters in Missouri and Oklahoma approved Medicaid expansion to begin in 2021. But while Oklahoma has enrolled over 200,000 people so far, Missouri has enrolled fewer than 20,000. Why are two such similar states handling the public insurance rollout so differently?

As Climate Worsens, Environmentalists Grapple With the Mental Toll of Activism

After her son's death by suicide, a mother promotes mental health for environmentalists. It's part of a larger push to address the burnout and psychological stress that can affect activists.

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Bill of the Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month.

Postcard From Southern California

Etching the Pain of Covid Into the Flesh of Survivors

Memorial tattoos have grown more popular in recent years. Since parlors reopened after the lockdown, inkers have found that many people are eager to memorialize relatives and friends lost to covid.


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Look Up Your Hospital

Is it being penalized by Medicare?

The Last Drugstore

How pharmacy closures impact underserved communities.

What Happens After a Campus Suicide Is a Form of Prevention, Too

The scientific term is “postvention,” and it informs how to navigate the emotional challenges that follow such a tragedy.

Which of Trump’s Health Policies Will Biden Reverse?


baby laying on floor with diaper

‘Down to My Last Diaper'

The anxiety of parenting in poverty.

Pharma Cash to Congress

Pharma Campaign Cash Delivered to Key Lawmakers With Surgical Precision

Drug companies and their lobbying groups gave roughly $1.6 million in the first six months of 2021, with Democrats edging closer than they have in a decade to Republicans’ total haul.

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KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Roe v. Wade on the Rocks

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‘Happy as a Clam?’

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