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Trump Administration Uses Wartime Powers To Be First In Line On Medical Supplies

As states scour the world for masks and other protective medical equipment, the federal government has repeatedly invoked a little-known clause in the Defense Production Act to step to the front of the line for sought-after health supplies.


‘You’ve Been Served’: Wisconsin Hospitals Sued Patients Even During Pandemic

Wisconsin hospitals had filed at least 104 lawsuits in small claims court since the state declared a public health emergency March 12. Most now say they are suspending the cases; one hospital has dismissed them after a reporter’s calls.


As Coronavirus Spreads, Workers Could Lean On ACA Coverage Protection

KHN’s Julie Rovner discusses the role of the Affordable Care Act in helping to provide coverage to people affected by the virus’ economic repercussions.


Trump Touted Abbott’s Quick COVID-19 Test. HHS Document Shows Only 5,500 Are On Way For Entire U.S.

States urgently need millions of tests, and the game changer they’ve been waiting on falls well short of what is needed, according to government documents obtained by KHN.

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