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House Passes Bill To Ban Health Law Subsidies For Abortion Coverage

But the restriction, which would apply to private plans bought with the help of health law subsidies, stands no chance of passage by the Democratic-controlled Senate.

The Associated Press: Republicans Vote To Bar Subsidies For Health Plans That Cover Abortions
The House voted Tuesday to bar federal subsidies to Americans signing up for health insurance plans that cover abortion, as Republicans issued a fresh warning about the impact of President Obama’s health care law. Ignoring a White House veto threat, majority Republicans led the House in voting 227-188 for the measure that they insisted was necessary to permanently bar any taxpayer dollars for abortion amid implementation of the four-year-old law (Cassata, 1/29).

Politico: House Bans Obamacare Subsidies For Abortion Coverage
Half the states have already passed legislation limiting abortion coverage in exchange plans, but this measure would apply nationwide and possibly discourage insurers on the exchanges from offering abortion coverage at all (Winfield Cunningham, 1/28).

The New York Times: House Votes to Restrict Payment For Abortions
The bill stands no chance of being passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate. But that mattered little to members of both parties, who seemed to relish the chance to accuse their opponents of blatantly twisting the issue to their political advantage. ... Six Democrats voted yes, one Republican voted no and another voted present (Peters, 1/28).

McClatchy: House Passes 'No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act'
The bill, according to sponsor Chris Smith, R-N.J., would end public funding for abortion coverage included in the Affordable Care act as of next year. ... Federal funding is now barred for most abortions (Lightman, 1/28). 

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