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Bernie Sanders Defends Health Care Record Against Hillary Clinton Jabs

Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton kept up the drumbeat, warning younger voters that her mother's opponent wants to "dismantle Obamacare," the CHIP program, Medicare and private insurance. The Sanders campaign called the Clinton attacks "wrong."

CNN: Bernie Sanders Refutes Clinton Attacks On Guns, Health Care
Bernie Sanders said the Hillary Clinton campaign's escalating attacks on him are unequivocally wrong, pushing back on the increased scrutiny of his record. Sanders, speaking to CNN's Dana Bash after exiting Tuesday night's State of the Union address, said Clinton's jabs at his record on guns and health care were more motivated by fear of his strength as a candidate. (Schleifer, 1/12)

NBC News: Chelsea Clinton Takes Aim At Sanders Over Health Policy
Stumping for her mother for the first time in 2016 on Tuesday, Chelsea Clinton directly criticized Bernie Sanders on health care policy, echoing Hillary Clinton's recent attacks on the Vermont senator. Asked about mounting enthusiasm for Sanders among young people, the daughter of the Democratic presidential frontrunner urged younger voters to focus on the "specifics" of Sanders' policy proposals. (Brewster and Dann, 1/12)

CBS News: Chelsea Clinton Goes On The Attack After Bernie Sanders
With polls showing the Democratic race tightening in the crucial leadoff states of Iowa and New Hampshire, Chelsea Clinton on Tuesday took aim at Bernie Sanders -- her mother's chief rival for the nomination -- saying that Sanders would "dismantle" the health care system as we know it. (Alemany, 1/12)

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