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Biden, Schumer Expect Court To Uphold Health Law

Los Angeles Times: Biden: Romney 'Out Of Touch' With The Middle Class
(Biden) attacked Romney and the GOP broadly for only staking out a position against what the Obama administration has done, and not offering an alternative. Biden used the healthcare reform law as an example. "What is the Romney answer? There's nothing. All they argue is cut, get rid of that," he said. Biden said that there are "millions of people" benefiting from the law already, and that he was confident the Supreme Court would uphold it when it rules in June (Memoli, 4/1).

Politico: Biden: Supreme Court Will Back 'Obamacare'
Vice President Joe Biden predicts the Supreme Court will uphold the new health care law, despite the blundering defense of the administration's signature accomplishment by Solicitor General Donald Verrilli (Boak, 4/1).

Politico: Schumer Says Safety Net Could Be At Risk
New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said on Sunday the entire social safety net could be yanked out from under Americans if the Supreme Court overturns the new health care law. The case argued before the court last week rests on whether the law requiring health insurance is allowed under the Constitution’s interstate commerce clause, a basis for many federal programs. "If they were to throw out the health care law, things like Medicare, Social Security, food safety laws could be in jeopardy on the very same ground," the Democrat said on NBC’s "Meet the Press." "It would be a dramatic, 180 degree turn of the tradition of the commerce clause" (Boak, 4/1).

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