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Health Care Issues Make June A Difficult Month For Democrats

News outlets report how the upcoming Supreme Court decision could be creating difficulties for Democrats.  

The Associated Press: Cruel June For Obama, Dems -- And Could Get Worse
If Chief Justice John Roberts and the court strike down all or part of the health care law, it could demoralize Democrats who invested more than a year — and quite a few political careers — to secure the bill's passage. ... Americans favor some elements of the massive law aimed at extending medical insurance to more than 30 million Americans but the far-reaching overhaul has never gained broad approval (Cassata, 6/6).

Boston Globe: Obama Encounters Rough Going Early In Race
It’s just the first week of June and already this month has dealt President Obama a series of setbacks as he struggles to regain footing in what portends to be a tight race. … Obama’s political fortunes could easily turn around - or plummet further - with the Supreme Court decision on his sweeping health care law expected by the end of the month (Jan, 6/7).

Meanwhile --

USA Today: Groups Benefit From Campaigns' Focus On Women's Issues
Debates this year over contraception, federal funding for abortion services and Tuesday's Senate vote on equal pay for women have invigorated women's groups on the right and the left to try to sway the female vote (Kucinich, 6/6).

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