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Obama, Romney Keep Up The Fight In Campaign Last Minutes

The Washington Post reported that President Barack Obama had a slight edge in the polls, but most analysts expect the election to be extremely close. GOP challenger Mitt Romney continued to hammer his anti-Obamacare message while other news outlets predict that whoever wins will face big challenges in dealing with the deficit.   

The Associated Press: No Rest In Final Campaign Hours For Obama, Romney
The White House the prize, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney raced through a final full day of campaigning on Monday through Ohio and other battleground states holding the keys to victory in a tight race. Both promised brighter days ahead for a nation still struggling with a sluggish economy and high joblessness (Pace and Hunt, 11/5).

The Wall Street Journal: Obama And Romney Battle Down To Wire
After more than one million television ads, countless appearances and three contentious debates, the 2012 presidential election remained on a knife's edge with both candidates seeking to shore up support in states crucial to their chances Tuesday. … With the margin of victory for the winner expected to be narrow, a likely outcome is a political system as split as the country. It isn't clear either party would be positioned to emerge Wednesday with a clear mandate for tackling some the nation's biggest problems—including the looming tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff (Meckler and Murray, 11/5).

The Washington Post: On Election Eve, President Obama Has A Slim Edge In Polls
President Obama held a slim advantage in national and battleground polls going into Election Day as the candidates made their last mad dashes across swing-state America and their campaigns braced for a day of intense battle — and the legal fights that may follow. A Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll showed Obama at 50 percent to Republican challenger Mitt Romney's 47 percent. That is Obama's best showing since July and a reversal of the three-percentage-point edge Romney held last month (Fahrenthold and Barnes, 11/5).

Politico Pro: Romney Hammers 'Obamacare' Message In Fla.
During his closing pitch at his last Florida campaign stop Monday morning, Mitt Romney made it clear one final time: "Obamacare" kills jobs and he'll do away with it. Romney didn't tread new ground, but  the GOP nominee mentioned "Obamacare" at least seven times, playing up familiar themes about how the health care law hurts the economy and creates burdensome regulations for small businesses. As Romney launched into attacks on President Barack Obama's record, the health care law was the first in a long list of complaints about how the Obama administration didn't live up to his campaign promises (Smith, 11/5).

The Wall Street Journal: Tough Calls On Deficit Await The Winner
If the winner of the presidential election wants to tackle America's groaning debt load, he will probably have to break a campaign promise or two. President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney have hammered at each other's plan for tackling the nation's growing debt. They are similar, though, in one key regard: Both offer prescriptions that largely exempt the vast middle class from the bitterest medicine (Paletta, 11/5).

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