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Democrats And GOP Lock Horns Over Paul Ryan’s Budget

Democrats and Republicans clashed Tuesday over the proposals in Paul Ryan's budget which includes $5 trillion in cuts over the next decade to several programs, including Medicaid. It also would repeal the health law.

The Washington Post: Democrats, GOP Clash As Debate Opens On Ryan Budget Plan
Ryan aims to reduce the top individual income-tax bracket to 25 percent and keep military spending on its current trajectory. About $3 trillion of his savings would come from revamping health care, first by repealing the ACA — but leaving intact taxes and savings from the law — and by altering Medicare into a program in which the elderly would receive premium supports from the federal government but buy insurance on their own (Kane and Yoder, 4/8).

The Associated Press: GOP Lawmakers Balk When Spending Cuts Turn Real
When House Republicans pass Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget for a fourth year in a row this week, they’ll go on record again in favor of big spending cuts across a wide swath of programs, including Medicaid, food and farm aid and eliminating subsidies for Amtrak and airline flights to small cities. But a budget is only a non-binding framework. It can promise the sky, but to actually fulfill its pledges requires follow-up legislation (4/8).

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