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GOP Candidates Make Late-Term Abortions Campaign Trail Issue

Republicans who see potential on the Senate political map are turning to this issue as a counter-attack to Democrats' messaging on birth control and personhood.

The Hill: GOP Plots Late Term Abortion Counterattack
Republicans are working to strike a blow against abortion rights and the Senate incumbents who support them by emphasizing late-term abortion on the campaign trail. With the political map favoring the GOP, anti-abortion-rights groups are rallying their supporters for a coordinated ground game meant to counterbalance Democratic attacks over birth control and personhood. At the heart of the activists' message is a legislative proposal from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) that would prevent women from terminating pregnancies after 20 weeks (Viebeck, 8/20).

In other news from Capitol Hill --

The Associated Press: Analysis: Congress Can Still Do Deals When It Must
The must-do bills included $16 billion to improve veterans’ access to health care and a short-term $11 billion measure to prevent federal funding for highway projects and transit systems from drying up this month. Voting against either effort could have cost lawmakers in November’s elections. The veterans bill came together when Democrats agreed to lower the price tag and Republicans accepted adding the additional cost to the national debt. On the highway bill, Senate Democrats bowed to House Republicans on financing it through anticipated revenues the government might or might not reap a decade from now (8/18).

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