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Clinton On Sanders’ Single-Payer Plan: ‘In Theory’ Isn’t Enough

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continues her barrage against opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders' health plan, calling it unrealistic. "In theory there's a lot to like," she said in Iowa. "But 'in theory' isn't enough. A president has to deliver in reality." Meanwhile, KHN explains what exactly the contentious single-payer system is, and The Associated Press looks at what's in Sanders' proposal.

CBS News: Hillary Clinton Sharpens Her Attacks On Bernie Sanders In Iowa
[Hillary] Clinton, who has lost much of her lead to [Sen. Bernie] Sanders in Iowa and national polls, has also recently tried to put Sanders on defense when it comes to healthcare. Here on Thursday, she suggested that his proposal for a single-payer, "Medicare-for-All" system was unrealistic. (Fraser-Chanpong, 1/21)

Kaiser Health News: Democratic Candidates Debate ‘Single-Payer,’ But What Does That Mean?
Health care has emerged as one of the flash points in the Democratic presidential race. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has been a longtime supporter of a concept he calls “Medicare for All,” a health system that falls under the heading of “single-payer.” Some of the details of Sanders’ plan are still to be released. But his proposal has renewed questions about what a single-payer health care system is and how it works. Here are some quick answers. (Rovner 1/22)

In other 2016 news, abortion and reproductive health care rights are hot button topics in the battleground state of Colorado —

The Associated Press: Battleground Colorado Enters 2016 With Abortion Debates
Colorado Republicans could be forgiven for thinking that several years of fiery political contests over abortion and reproductive rights were behind them. Then, last year a pregnant woman close to giving birth was gruesomely attacked with a knife, and a few months later an anti-abortion zealot opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, killing three. Think those cases won’t affect the 2016 races? Not a chance. (Wyatt, 1/22)

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