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Birth Control Mandate Is A Rallying Cry In Presidential Campaigns

CNN (Video): Santorum Says Opposition To Contraception Rule Doesn't Restrict Women's Rights
Rick Santorum said Thursday that arguments against a recent federal law requiring health insurance coverage for contraception were not ignoring the rights of women. "It's the churches' money, and forcing them to do something that they think is a grievous moral wrong, how can that be the right of a woman?" Santorum asked in an interview on CNN's "John King USA" (2/9).

McClatchy: As Obama's Political Fortunes Rise, Fight Over Contraception Mandate Casts A Cloud
Just as some analysts have begun to suggest a sunnier political outlook for the president's re-election prospects, the White House is engaged in a highly charged dispute ... pollsters and strategists say the controversy — and the push for contraceptive coverage for all women — is a political plus with at least one key target audience: young, female voters, a large portion of the electorate (Clark, 2/9).

WBUR’s CommonHealth blog: Dems: Romney Did Not Fight Contraception Mandate In Mass.
Contraception, with an exemption for churches, became a required benefit in Massachusetts in 2002, the year before Mitt Romney was sworn in as governor. Phil Johnston, who held top state health care and Democratic party positions, says Mitt Romney never tried to repeal the mandate.  ... Romney aides say his original health coverage bill proposed eliminating all insurance mandates for individuals and small businesses covered through what would become the Health Connector (Bebinger, 2/9).

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