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Life Expectancy Gap Narrows Between Blacks And Whites

The life expectancy gap between blacks and whites has narrowed thanks to fewer black deaths due to AIDS and heart disease, a new study finds.

Los Angeles Times: Life Expectancy Gap Narrows Between Blacks, Whites
The gap in life expectancy between black and white Americans is smaller than it has ever been, thanks largely to a decline in the number of deaths resulting from heart disease and HIV infection, a new analysis has found. … Blacks have higher rates of obesity, diabetes and hypertension. … Studies have documented that blacks are treated less aggressively than whites for heart problems, said Dr. James McPherson, medical director of the Los Angeles Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Group and a spokesman for the American Heart Assn. Blacks are also less likely to have health insurance, so they are apt to be treated later in the course of heart disease than those with regular access to care (Mestel, 6/5).

Reuters: U.S. Racial Gap In Life Expectancy Shrinks: Study
Whites in the United States have typically lived longer on average than blacks, but a new study released on Tuesday suggests that gap in life expectancy may be shrinking. The shift appears to be because fewer African Americans are dying of AIDS and heart disease, but also because more whites are dying in early and mid-adulthood from unintentional injuries - mainly poisonings, including prescription drug overdoses, researchers said (Pittman, 6/5).

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