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Donald Trump’s Health Policy Plans Under The Microscope

Meanwhile, the GOP campaign trail became less crowded this weekend as Jeb Bush withdrew his bid to be the Republican nominee for president.

Bloomberg: Chart: Trump's Drug Savings Goal Is More Than Nation Spends
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's claim that he could save taxpayers $300 billion a year by negotiating with drugmakers may be wildly overstated, as his savings goal actually exceeds what the entire nation spent on prescription drugs in 2014 ($298 billion). Medicare drug spending in 2014 totaled $143 billion. Trump's claims are also at odds with the Congressional Budget Office, which says that government drug-price negotiation for Medicare, by itself, wouldn't impact the federal deficit. (Rye, 2/19)

The New York Times: Donald Trump In Triage Mode After Shocking Conservatives With Health Care Comments
He has broken with many Republicans on taxing the rich, threatening trade wars and keeping Planned Parenthood alive. On Friday, Donald J. Trump faced criticism for an even bolder act of conservative heresy: embracing the core tenet of the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Trump has to date offered only bits and pieces of his health agenda, generally presenting a vow to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it with “something great.” (Rappeport, 2/19)

Politico: Jeb Bush Drops Out Of White House Race
Jeb Bush, unable to muster enthusiasm for his presidential bid beyond the family network that helped him raise a record sum exceeding $150 million, is suspending his campaign following a disappointing finish in South Carolina. The decision follows a string of underwhelming primary finishes for the former Florida governor, including in New Hampshire where he invested heavily and bet on a massive ground organization but still finished behind Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz. (Stokols, 2/20)

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