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For Young People, Health Care Is A ‘Right’ That Government Should Pay More To Ensure

A GenForward poll shows young people support the Affordable Care Act and think the government should be responsible for making sure Americans have coverage. Other polls also take the country's temperature on health care.

The Associated Press: Poll: Most Young People Say Gov't Should Pay For Health Care
Most young Americans want any health care overhaul under President Donald Trump to look a lot like the Affordable Care Act signed into law by his predecessor, President Barack Obama. But there's one big exception: A majority of young Americans dislike "Obamacare's" requirement that all Americans buy insurance or pay a fine. (Kellman and Swanson, 4/5)

The Hill: Gallup: ObamaCare Has Majority Support For First Time
More than half of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), according to a Gallup poll out Tuesday, marking the first time the law has gained majority support since Gallup began tracking public opinion on it in 2012. Fifty-five percent of Americans say that former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare reform law should remain in place, though 40 percent say it needs significant changes. Still, the new rate is up significantly from November, when only 42 percent said they approved of the law.  (Greenwood, 4/4)

The Hill: Poll: Most Want Trump To Try To Make ObamaCare Work 
A vast majority of Americans want the Trump administration to try to find a way to save ObamaCare, according to a new poll released Tuesday. The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll found that 75 percent respondents said the current administration "should do what they can" to make the healthcare law functional. Only 19 percent of responders said President Trump should do what it can to make the law fail. (Vladimirov, 4/4)

Kaiser Health News: For Better Or Worse, Trump And GOP Now Own Health Care
Ownership of the Affordable Care Act has officially been transferred from President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress to President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, according to a new poll. In the monthly tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 61 percent of respondents said any problems with the law moving forward are the responsibility of Trump and Republicans in Congress, while only 31 percent said future problems are the fault of the Democrats who passed it. (Rovner, 4/4)

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