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A Selection Of Recent Opinion Pieces

How Safeway Is Cutting Health Care Costs – Wall Street Journal
At Safeway we believe that well-designed health-care reform, utilizing market-based solutions, can ultimately reduce our nation's health-care bill by 40 percent (Steven A. Burd, 6/12).

Potshots At Public Health Plan – Boston Globe
With all the talk about bipartisanship and pragmatism from the White House, there has been concern that President Obama might settle for a low-voltage health reform bill that would only tinker with the system's runaway costs and remove just a few million from the roster of 47 million uninsured (6/12).

Health Care IT's Diagnosis: Excellent – Forbes
Entrepreneurs are seizing opportunities in this burgeoning sector (Sramana Mitra, 6/12).

Democrats And The Health Tax Taboo – Wall Street Journal
What is clear is that it is only now - as details finally start to leak out - that the health-care debate begins (Kimberley A. Strassel, 6/12).

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