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Today’s Opinions: Florida’s Medical Association; Massachusetts’ Politics; Medicine And Money

Setting Jackson On A Healthy Course The Miami Herald
What a colossal mess! That first sentence in the Miami-Dade Grand Jury report on what's wrong with Jackson Health System summed up the community's frustration with Miami-Dade's ailing safety net hospital. The report spared no one it examined before offering a string of remedies (8/20).

Florida Medical Association Is Off Base Fighting Reform Florida Times-Union
The FMA's challenge to the AMA was the old guard denouncing the new. But the new way is what mainstream patients, doctors and the people who pay the bills for care desperately need. It is coming, and the FMA should get on board or out of the way (Brian Klepper and Dr. David Kibbe, 8/19).

An Older Prescription The Boston Globe
Deval Patrick managed to turn the cost of health care from a potential problem to a political advantage this year. He did it by embracing some old ideas and listening to one of their most determined advocates (Steven Syre, 8/20).

And So The Death Panels Begin The Daily Caller
As government outlays account for increasingly large shares of the health care market, it cannot avoid such rationing because resources are limited, always and everywhere (Benjamin Zycher, 8/19).

Trade In Wealth Care For Health Care Cape Cod Times
As long as the big money is to be made from selling medical goods and services, the vigorous implementation of the documented community-based interventions to prevent and control hypertension will go nowhere. It is a shame. Our health and lives are in the balance (Dr. Brian O'Malley, 8/20).

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