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Today’s OpEds: Wyden On Bipartisanship Health Reform; How To Spend Prevention Funds; CLASS Act

Bipartisanship Shouldn't Be A Political Death Sentence The Washington Post
I still think I had a pretty good idea for health reform - despite its rejection by significant Democratic and Republican leaders - but so did Bob Bennett. I was on the Senate floor three years ago when Bob walked across the center aisle to tell me he was willing to work with me on health reform (Sen. Ron Wyden, 5/21).

Medicare Meltdown Is Closer Than You Think Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Congress has had ample opportunity to repeal the payment formula and ensure the security and stability of Medicare and TRICARE, but each opportunity has been squandered (Dr. James Rohack, 5/20).

The CLASS Act Is A Ticking Debt Time Bomb The Buffalo News
Most Americans probably haven't heard of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports or CLASS Act, which charters a new government-run, long-term-care insurance plan. But this under-reported measure threatens to add billions to the federal deficit - and diminish Americans' private insurance choices (Janet Trautwein, 5/21).

Goodbye, Employer-Sponsor Insurance The Wall Street Journal
That's because employers are quickly discovering that it may be cheaper to pay fines to the government than to insure workers (John Goodman, 5/21).

The Prevention Dilemma Kaiser Health News
There will never be enough federal money to address every prevention need. What the secretary needs to decide is whether there is sufficient political courage to concentrate early prevention funding to deliver a knockout blow to the leading cause of premature death in the country: tobacco (Robert Gould, 5/20).

Soaring Costs Break The Bank Lexington Herald-Leader
Federal and state governments as well as businesses, consumers and taxpayers are finding they cannot afford this massive and unpopular health overhaul law (Grace-Marie Turner, 5/20).

Rx For Costs? Houston Chronicle
Costs are out control, and nothing seems to be working to slow that down. Not HMOs. Not PPOs. Not anything.The answer, they say, is something called accountable care organizations, or ACOs. These are systems whose aim is to deliver a complete range of health care services at reduced costs. Methods include increased reliance on information technology, greater emphasis on prevention and care management, and evidence-based care practices (5/20).

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