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Summaries of health policy coverage from major news organizations

A Selection Of Opinions And Editorials

Keeping Them Honest – The New York Times
Let me offer Congress two pieces of advice:
1) Don't trust the insurance industry.
2) Don't trust the insurance industry (Paul Krugman, 6/5).

Obama's Voodoo Health Economics – The Wall Street Journal
Telling all Americans they have to cut back on health care because Medicare is fiscally unsound is like ordering all Americans to go on diets because the food stamp program is in trouble (Betsy McCaughey, 6/5).

Obamacare's Antidote – The Washington Post
Obamacare should be regarded as inevitable only when someone, anyone, knows how it will be paid for. (Michael Gerson, 6/5). 

VAT Time? – Forbes
The VAT is probably the ideal tax from a conservative point of view (Bruce Bartlett, 6/5).

Tax Sugary Soft Drinks – Business Week
Pro and Con: The federal government should help finance the expansion of U.S. health coverage by taxing products, such as sugary soft drinks, that contribute to obesity and other chronic health conditions (Chuck Marr and William F. Shughart II, 6/4). 

Law Would Demand Straight Facts About Health Insurance – The Hartford Courant
American families and businesses spend billions of dollars on health insurance each year. In order to protect their investment and to deliver on future investments, there needs to be greater transparency and insurer accountability (Kevin P. Lembo, 6/5).

A Step Back From Mental Health – The News & Observer
Little attention has been given to the recession's far reaching impact on the mental health of our citizens and, particularly, on diminished access to mental health providers (Michelle Reese (6/4).

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