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Obamacare And Coverage For Immigrants, Children

Media outlets look at the ways in which the law affects different immigrant groups and children.

Kaiser Health News: FAQ: Obamacare And Coverage For Immigrants
The U.S. is home to more than 21 million immigrants who are not citizens, and for many of them, health coverage is a concern. That is partly because so many of them--both those who came here legally and those who do not have permission to live in the United States--work in low wage jobs that don’t include health coverage (Appleby, 9/19).

Stateline: The ACA's 'Family Glitch' Could Hurt Families Who Need CHIP
The Affordable Care Act is primarily aimed at insuring more adults, including parents. In the process, a substantial number of uninsured children may also get coverage as their parents learn more about federal and state subsidies. Just how many will depend on whether states maintain their existing Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) (Vestal, 9/20).

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