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Misinformation, Mayhem Mar Debate On Health Care USA Today
As we've said before in this space, there are valid reasons to oppose some of the ideas percolating in Congress - chiefly the lack of a credible financing mechanism - but the distortions have become so numerous that they've often won's "pants on fire" award (as in "liar, liar, pants on fire") (8/10).

Medical Tort Reform Could Save Billions The Courier-Journal
The waste flows from a culture of health care in which every incentive is to do more - that's how doctors make money and that's how they protect themselves from lawsuits (Howard, 8/9).

Myths of Health Reform The Baltimore Sun
There's a tantalizing rumor running through the Internet that the Democrats in Congress are conspiring to exempt themselves from the health care reform bills now being debated in Washington (8/9).

Let's Declare War On Terror Over Health Care Houston Chronicle
In the continuing absence of universal access to health care in the U.S., terror abounds. The terror of being uninsured if you become ill, the terror of personal bankruptcy due to health care costs, the terror of pre-existing conditions that prevent obtaining health insurance - all have led to a state of fear in this country (Baldwin, 8/8).

The State's Fraying Health Safety Net The Boston Globe
As national policy makers fashion a healthcare bill modeled in no small part on Massachusetts' landmark health reform law, they need to address a major flaw that has emerged here (Meehan, 8/10).

Replacing Slow Joe: Obamacare And The Maneuvering For 2012 Politico
Vice President Joe Biden is semiotically significant: The moment you see him you respond in the same way without regard to context (Hewitt, 8/10).

Where Obama Should Look To Influence The Debate The San Francisco Chronicle
As a physician who supports Obama's vision for change, I'm concerned that his efforts are being hampered by his lack of influence in Congress (Parikh, 8/10). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.