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Today’s Opinions: Medicare Advantage To Shrink; Insurers Anti-Trust Protection; Health Law Regulations; The Need For Maternity Leave

Medicare Advantage: You Get What You Pay For Kaiser Health News
In the long run, there's no getting around the fact that Advantage plans will shrink in generosity and availability (Austin Frakt, 6/14).

Leveling The Playing Field MarketWatch
If and when this bill is passed, health and medical malpractice insurers finally will become subject to the same federal laws outlawing price-fixing, bid-rigging and market allocations that apply to everyone else (Rhonda Orin and Bridget Healy, 6/14).

You're Losing Your Plan New York Post
Late last week saw the first leaks of the administration's draft regulations for implementing the ObamaCare law - and everything is playing out just as the critics warned (Scott Gottlieb, 6/14).

10 Things Health Insurers Must Do To Regain Trust American Medical News
By following these principles, also endorsed by 68 state and specialty medical societies, health insurers can help create a more efficient, patient-centered health system - and repair the damaged trust in their industry (6/14).

Seniors Should Not Fall For 'Doughnut Hole' Relief Trap The Portland (Maine) Press Herald
As the federal government begins sending out $250 checks to seniors whose out-of-pocket spending reach the "doughnut hole" threshold and is not covered by Medicare Part D, con men posing as government officials are contacting them and trying to get them to divulge personal information (6/13).

Why Unpaid Maternity Leave Isn't Enough The Washington Post
The century-long battle for maternity leave in America is a story of missed opportunities and historical accidents, further slowed by activists' miscalculations and some well-funded opposition. In other words: It didn't have to be this way (Sharon Lerner, 6/13).

Health Care Reform And The AMA The New England Journal of Medicine
A large majority of physicians, including AMA members, supported proposals for health insurance expansion that were opposed by the AMA (Dr. Salomeh Keyhani and Dr. Alex Federman, 6/9).

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