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Obama's Health Cost Illusion Wall Street Journal
The President's main case for reform is rooted in false claims and little evidence (6/8).

Paying For Universal Health Coverage New York Times
For Congress and the administration to keep the promise of comprehensive health care reform, they will have to find the political will to pay for universal coverage and other investments that are needed right away but will not produce quick savings. The cost could reach $1.5 trillion over the next decade (6/6).

Study: Maternity Leave Offers Economic Benefits Miami Herald
A new study suggests that providing mothers with pay and job security both before and after childbirth could bestow economic benefits upon us all (Brett Graff, 6/7).

Harry And Louise Have Changed Washington Post
Many have expressed amazement that the interest groups historically opposed to fixing the health system seem ready to work with the reformers. Their public-spiritedness reflects enlightened self-interest: The health system is so unstable that even the drug industry and the insurance companies are worried that it will crash on top of them (E.J. Dionne, Jr., 6/8).

A Healthy Debate Philadelphia Inquirer
President Obama has demonstrated that on the most heated political issues, he can be shrewdly pragmatic, often to the frustration of both liberals and conservatives.
That is certainly the case as Obama adjusts his game plan for what he calls a "make or break period" in moving health-care legislation through Congress over the second half of this year (6/8).

Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths Denver Post
It is becoming increasingly more difficult to dispute the fact that Canada spends less money on health care to get better outcomes (Rhonda Hackett, 6/7).

A Few Symptoms Washington Post
President Obama laid down more specific markers than he had previously about his preferences for health care reform... Given the high stakes involved in an overhaul of this magnitude, it would be unfortunate indeed if health reform were to be a one-party endeavor (6/8).

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