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Today’s Opinions And Editorials: Implementation Of Reform, Questions Of Constitutionality And More On The Individual Mandate

The New Health Care Law Is An Historic Mistake Knoxville News Sentinel
The wisest course now is to replace the new health care law with immediate insurance reforms and step-by-step reductions in health care costs so that more Americans can afford to buy insurance (Sen. Lamar Alexander, 4/3).

New Health-Care Reform Law Is Constitutional Seattle Times
The attorneys general have picked the wrong forum. They are asking unelected judges to stop a program that has been fully aired in the political process and will continue to be the subject of public debates. The democratic solution for disgruntled citizens is to rally and vote (Stewart Jay, 4/2).

Implementation And The Legacy Of Health Care Reform New England Journal Of Medicine
The truth is that the legacy of this new law will be determined by the underlying policy and the competence with which it is implemented (Christopher Jennings, 3/31).

Why Americans Should Support An Individual Mandate Kaiser Health News
If fellow Republicans weren't so determined to tarnish the Affordable Care Act politically, they'd acknowledge what they said before: The individual mandate makes perfect sense (Jonathan Cohn, 4/5).

The Next Step For Reform The Baltimore Sun
To reduce costs, doctors should be in charge of determining standards for health care (James Burdick, 4/4).

'Retail Politics' Could Offer Better Health Plan The Salt Lake Tribune
Now that Obamacare is the law of the land, states that can do better need the right more than ever to innovate in health care (Joseph Jarvis, 4/2).

Obama's Uphill Battles Continue The Washington Post
His health-care victory marked the beginning of a new phase in the administration's political struggles, not a final triumph (E.J. Dionne Jr., 4/5).

Bluegrass Bummer National Review
Does Kentucky's experience with health-insurance overregulation hold lessons for repealing Obamacare? (Stephen Spruiell, 4/5).

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