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Today’s OpEds: Reform And Cost Control; The GOP ‘Pledge’; New York State’s Medicaid Program

The G.O.P.'s 'Pledge' The New York Times
The pledge document does not mention the Republicans' plan - should repeal fail - to block the annual appropriations needed to carry out reform. That just-say-no approach is flat-out irresponsible. The health care reforms are so intertwined that it is hard to eliminate one provision without undermining others (9/25).

Empty Promises Kaiser Health News
How will the attempt by millions of American to obtain more preventive care services – which can't possibly be provided -- affect the triple problems of cost, quality and access to care? Answer: It will probably make all three problems worse (John Goodman, 9/27).

Returning To The Argument: Can Health Reform Reduce Costs? Kaiser Health News
If health care spending doesn't come down more dramatically, then it's going to siphon away more and more resources from our society. But that doesn't mean health care reform can't reduce costs. It simply means that, with some modifications, reform could reduce costs even more (Jonathan Cohn, 9/27).

Health Care Reform Is Just Getting Started San Jose Mercury News
Last Thursday was a day for celebration in the world of health care. … But this is no time for health care reform advocates to rest. If they are serious about bringing soaring medical costs under control and cementing into place the reforms approved by Congress six months ago, their work has just begun (9/27).

Obamacare's Bill Quickly Adds Up The Orange County Register
We don't need another six months of Obamacare. Congress' first order of business should be to repeal it (9/25).

Health Care Law Still Good For Nation The Clarion-Ledger
Hopefully, Americans will see these first steps that most reasonable people will agree are needed and will also see that talk of repealing the law is more about politics than health care (David Hampton, 9/26).

What Will The Next Governor Do To Reform Medicaid? Buffalo News
The government program that tries to keep nearly a quarter of New York State's residents healthy has made the state budget morbidly obese (Jerry Zremski, 9/26).

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