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Today’s OpEds: Detailing What Is And Is Not Working With Health Reform

Keeping An Eye On The Health Care Prize Kaiser Health News
Many reformers undoubtedly believe that passage of the health overhaul law laid the issue to rest. But policy's wheels continue to turn, and the process is anything but over. … From where we sit, with the withering campaign that must be in the works, the odds of the new law remaining intact, with teeth, are questionable. For reforms to succeed, then, steady vigilant hands, focused on the nation's larger interest, will be critical (Brian Klepper and David Kibbe, 9/20).

A Health Care Plan For Colleges The New York Times
Over the past few weeks, millions of parents sent their children off to college. But amid the packing and unpacking (and in some cases, the tears), most probably didn't realize how increasing health care costs are harming their kids' education (Peter Orszag, 9/18).

Congress Must Fix This Mess Cincinnati Enquirer
Some Democrats are having second thoughts about aspects of the health care law. Coupled with likely GOP gains in November, this should create an atmosphere for a constructive revisit on the reform. When that happens, Congress should take a serious look at the alternatives that were sneered at or simply ignored by the leadership last time around (9/20).

Reform Not Quite There Cincinnati Enquirer
As a provider of health services [as opposed to an employer], I can characterize the recent health reform legislation using three words: needed, insufficient, unclear (John S. Prout, 9/19).

It's Not Working, O New York Post
President Obama promised that his health reform would "fix" our rising medical costs and a growing legion of uninsured Americans priced out of coverage. Fix it in which direction? Data out last week shows that the price of insurance is rising even faster than before, the number of uninsured Americans is spiraling upward, and the choices people have of doctors and health plans are being sharply constrained as a result (Scott Gottlieb, 9/19).

A Solution To Emergency Room Overload In Florida The Tampa Tribune
As a nurse, I know firsthand that there is something really powerful about the healing relationship between a patient and a doctor that is foundational to keeping people well. … Creating a smarter, more connected health care system that puts the patient at the center of care is an important goal for all of us, both physically and financially (Peggy Rodebush, 9/20).

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