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Obama’s Proposed Cadillac Tax Tweak Deemed ‘Insufficient’ By Opponents

"We're glad the administration recognizes the Cadillac tax is seriously flawed. But its impact in high cost areas is just one of its many problems," says James Klein, president of the American Benefits Council, a nonprofit representing employers. And apart from the Cadillac tax change, Reuters lays out what else will be in the president's budget, set to be released on Tuesday.

Bloomberg: 'Cadillac Tax' Tweak Hated By Business Wins Obama No Friends
President Barack Obama is having a tough time winning friends for his Cadillac tax. His plan to dial back the unpopular Affordable Care Act tax on high- cost health plans, to be detailed in the fiscal 2017 budget he'll release Feb. 9, has won him no applause from employers, labor unions or health insurers. The tax still must be repealed, they say, not merely modified. (Keane and Tracer, 2/5)

Reuters: What Will Be In Obama's Final Budget Proposal?
President Barack Obama is set on Tuesday to unveil his budget proposal for fiscal year 2017, his final year in office. But since the Republican-controlled Congress controls the purse strings, much of Obama's budget will likely stay on the drawing board. ... The budget will include three years of federal funding to 19 state governments that passed up an earlier offer to expand Medicaid coverage for more than 4 million low-income people. Obama will [also] ask for tweaks to a tax on certain health insurance plans that is unpopular with labor unions. (Rampton and Rascoe, 2/5)

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