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Pfizer's Bad Political Bet The Wall Street Journal
The sight of ObamaCare on life support has many Democrats disappointed. It could be worse. They could be Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler (Kimberley Strassel, 2/4).

The Verizon Wireless Cure The Christian Science Monitor
Are health insurance company employees just meaner and more greedy than those who provide cellphone service ...? Certainly not. The difference is that the cellphone, auto, and home insurance industries are highly competitive while the health insurance industry is not (Steven Horwitz, 2/4).

The Damage Of The Anti-Vaccination Movement Los Angeles Times
Dr. Andrew Wakefield is still a hero to his many acolytes. And others, with curious credentials, fight on to terrify parents into not getting their children inoculated (Michael Fumento, 2/5).

Republicans Got What They Wanted From Health Care Overhaul McClatchy 
Republicans got much of what the party wanted in the Senate bill and still refused to endorse reform and now is demanding an end to the debate or a shift to a modest proposal that won't deal with the heart of the problems (Isaac Bailey, 2/5).

Living And Dying In Albany The New York Times
For a concrete measure of how New Yorkers are hurt by Albany's chronic dysfunction, consider the State Legislature's prolonged dithering over the Family Health Care Decisions Act: a relatively small but vital statutory fix to allow family members to make health decisions for incapacitated loved ones (2/4).

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