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Today’s OpEds: DeMint, Pingree And Others On Effects Of New Health

Warning: ObamaCare Will Hurt South Carolina The Greenville News
[T]his legislation will explode Medicaid rolls, break the state budget, hike insurance premiums, overcharge students for college loans, make it even more expensive for small businesses to keep up with their paperwork and kill jobs (Sen. Jim DeMint, 4/16).

New Health Law Will Improve Care The Portland [Maine] Press Herald
It's true there is doubt and fear surrounding the bill -- but it comes from misinformation and confusion about what the law really does (Rep. Chellie Pingree, 4/16).

Governors And Their Attorneys General: Out Of Sync By Design Stateline
Private citizens get to choose their legal advisers. So do presidents. It's just governors who have to put up with legal counselors who generally owe them nothing and who sometimes act in ways not supportive of the administration's programs (Alan Ehrenhalt, 4/16).

Health-Care Lawsuit Has No Legal Foundation Lansing State Journal
The attorneys' general lawsuit claims the new law violates the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. This is untrue since almost every aspect of the delivery of health care is part of interstate commerce (Patrick Rose, 4/16).

The Obamacare Inquisition Is on Hold … for Now National Review
While Obamacare's benefits remain as distant from reality as Elin is from Tiger, the damage has already arrived. Side effects are manifesting themselves in private medical practices from Arizona to Florida - where doctors are closing up shop in anticipation of the law's impact (Michelle Malkin, 4/16).

The Emergency-Room Gap - Putting To Rest A Cherished Myth About The Uninsured  Slate
Why would the uninsured-the group least likely to receive treatment anywhere else-be more likely than anyone else to leave an emergency room without seeing a doctor? (Timothy Noah, 4/14).

Health-Reform Law Doesn't Lower Costs The [Lafayette, La.] Daily Advertiser
The title of the [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] is, at best, only partially accurate. While its intent might have been to offer some forms of patient protection, it does nothing to address affordable care (Mike Reitz, 4/16).

Improve Health Care With Real Competition The Detroit News
The Democrats' plan doubles down on our health care system's most basic structural flaws, which have stifled competition -- and the lower prices that go along with it -- for decades (George Pantos, 4/16).

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