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Health Care: Now, It's War NPR
What emerges from this year's historic debate will now be a distinctly Democratic bill opposed by virtually every Republican in both the House and the Senate. It will pass or fail depending entirely on Democratic leaders' ability to rally their own troops in support (Ron Elving, 9/11).

Will U.S. Learn Its Healthcare Reform Lesson From California? Los Angeles Times
Here in California we know all about the pitfalls of an exchange that doesn't work, because we established a statewide version in 1992 and attended its funeral in 2006 (Michael Hiltzik, 9/14).

Why Health Care Reform Won't Reform Health The San Francisco Chronicle
[L]et's say the light prevails and the Democrats deliver a bill that gives insurance access to millions of previously uninsured Americans. As great as that victory would be, health care won't be reformed (Deepak Chopra, 9/14).

Health Care Should Be About More Than Scare Tactics The Sun-Sentinel
The argument of socialized medicine or death panels has no more basis for reality than did Ronald Reagan's depiction of our government dictating where Americans could or couldn't live (Debbie Wasserman Schultz, 9/13).

My Medical Oath Requires No Government Oversight USA Today
Some doctors will gladly stand beside the president and applaud his efforts, insisting that the government needs to upend our current system. Others, like me, are skeptical that the government can, or should, become involved in such a heavy-handed way. But neither the president nor members of Congress should use the physician as a pawn in this legislative chess game. And that's what we've become (Marc Siegel, 9/14).

Give It to Us Straight The Washington Post
The problem is that you can't entirely believe Obama. If he were candid -- if we were candid -- we'd all acknowledge that the goals of our ideal health-care system collide. Perhaps we can have any two, but not all three (Robert J. Samuelson, 9/14).

Obamacare Can't Win An All-In Wager The New York Times
The fate of the Obama health care initiative could rest in large part with some members of his party's left wing, who threaten to let the perfect be the enemy of the good (Albert R. Hunt, 9/13).

Fact-Checking The President On Health Insurance Wall Street Journal
[T]he president's examples of people "dropped" by their insurance companies involve the rescission of policies based on misrepresentation or concealment of information in applications for coverage. Private health insurance cannot function if people buy insurance only after they become seriously ill, or if they knowingly conceal health conditions that might affect their policy (Scott Harrington, 9/13).

To Our City Cousins: Don't Simply Dismiss Idea Of Co-ops Great Falls Tribune
Before the urban senators and representatives - and the pundits who always seem to say more than they know - dismiss the idea of cooperatives as something from the fringe, we'd suggest they talk to their country cousins (9/13).

Chamber Notes: Employer Health Care Too Costly The Capital
In all candor, I feel compelled to express my disappointment over how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has chosen to participate in this debate. Instead of taking a leadership role in educating the public on the various ideas and solutions for reform, they've chosen to run television ads that feed on the fear and misinformation already in the public domain (Ben Burdon, 9/13).

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