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Doing Nothing Is Not An Option Los Angeles Times
What the critics of reform fail to mention is that the system will collapse without crucial changes (8/24).

Reform Without Fear Chicago Tribune
President Barack Obama's push for national health care law has created tremendous confusion and fear. He can try to blame the Republicans for that. He can try to blame whoever's packing the infamous town hall meetings with angry hecklers. But he should recognize something: much of this confusion and fear stems from the Democrats' own efforts (8/23).

Don't Blame Obama The New York Times
If the Congressional Democrats can't get a health care package through, it won't prove that President Obama is a sellout or an incompetent. It will prove that Congress' liberal leaders are lousy tacticians, and that its centrist deal-makers are deal-makers first, poll watchers second and loyal Democrats a distant third. And it will prove that the Democratic Party is institutionally incapable of delivering on its most significant promises (Ross Douthat, 8/23).

Status-Quo Anxiety The New Yorker
Changing the system so that individuals can get affordable health care, while banning bad behavior on the part of insurance companies, will actually make it more likely, not less, that people will get to preserve their current level of coverage. The message, in other words, should be: if we want to protect the status quo, we need to reform it (James Surowiecki, 8/31 -- 8/24 online). 

Protecting Our Seniors The Washington Post
Republicans want reform that should, first, do no harm, especially to our seniors. That is why Republicans support a Seniors' Health Care Bill of Rights, which we are introducing today, to ensure that our greatest generation will receive access to quality health care (Michael S. Steele, 8/24).

The Uninsured The New York Times
No matter how you slice the numbers, there are tens of millions of people without insurance, often for extended periods, and there is good evidence that lack of insurance is harmful to their health (8/22).

The Health Care Cost Saving Myth CBS News
There will be no cost savings. There's no sense in pretending otherwise (Dan McLaughlin, 8/21).

Americans Deserve To Have End-Of-Life Discussions With Their Doctors The Seattle Times
Regardless of whether this part of the legislation is ultimately approved, these conversations will not stop caring physicians from discussing these matters with their patients facing serious illness. This is simply part of being a good doctor (Peg Rutchik and Wayne McCormick, 8/21).

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