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Diluted 'Public Option' Stirs More Fervor Than It's Worth USA Today
As things stand, it's a wonder that so many people are fighting so much over something so toothless (11/30).

Fighting The Wrong Health Care Battle The New York Times
As the health care debate enters its decisive stage, liberals in Congress should be ready to trade the public option for provisions that will actually make the reforms succeed (Paul Starr, 11/28).

A Flawed But Powerful Game-Changer For Long-Term Care Kaiser Health News
Congress may be about to make major changes in the way 10 million frail elderly and adults with disabilities pay for long-term care services (Howard Gleckman, 11/30).

Congress In Wonderland: Health Care Bill A Curious Mess The Sun Sentinel
Members of Congress have fallen down the rabbit hole and found themselves in a bizarre land of collective psychosis, occupied by the equivalent of mad hatters, hookah-smoking caterpillars and vanishing Cheshire cats (Kingsley Guy, 11/29).

The $300 Million Louisiana Purchase The Washington Times
"[I]t's not a $100 million fix. It's a $300 million fix," Mrs. Landrieu bragged on Nov. 21. This gross windfall will flood into her state through added benefits in the health care bill. This is government at its worst (11/30).

Don't Fear Socialized Medicine The Indianapolis Star
Same goes for fire protection, sewer services and road maintenance. All socialized, all working well, especially considering the every-man-for-himself alternative. Socialized libraries and parks seem pretty popular, too (Fran Quigley, 11/30).

Health overhaul poses no threat to veterans Trenton Times
[A]n e-mail being passed among military retirees warns falsely that the Congressional Budget Office has drafted legislation to attach new fees to TRICARE for Life, the prized insurance supplement relied on by Medicare-eligible retirees. The e-mail is filled with misinformation. (Cathryn Mitchell, 11/30)

Are We Going To Let John Die? The New York Times
If a senator strolled indifferently by as John retched in pain, we would think that person pitiless. But isn't it just as monstrous for politicians to avert their eyes, make excuses and deny coverage to innumerable Americans just like John? (Nicholas D. Kristof, 11/28).

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