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The President Should Be Opposed To The House Bill Kaiser Health News
When Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled the revised House Democratic health care bill last week, the Obama White House hailed it as a "critical milestone" in the process. No doubt senior administration officials were relieved to see signs of "momentum" toward passage of something. But if the president really meant what he has said about health care policy throughout this year, his administration would be working to defeat the Pelosi bill, not supporting it (James Capretta).

Back To The Future For A Public Option The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
While nonprofit Blues made money by enrolling more people, for-profit companies found they could make more by excluding people who were more likely to become sick (11/5).

Prescriptions For Disaster New York Post
Don't buy the claim that the Senate health-care bill is substantially more moderate than the House measure (Benjamin E. Sasse & Jeffrey H. Anderson, 11/5).

Unhealthy America The New York Times
An African-American in New Orleans has a shorter life expectancy than the average person in Vietnam or Honduras (Nicholas D. Kristof, 11/4).

GOP Ducks Role As 'Party Of Yes' On Health Reform Roll Call
Late in the game, Republicans are proposing alternatives to Democratic health care reform, but they're certainly not being bold (Morton M. Kondracke, 11/5).

Fixing Healthcare: Primary Care Is Job No. 1 Los Angeles Times
Access to insurance … does not necessarily mean access to healthcare. What is also needed is a sufficient supply of primary-care doctors (Basim Kahn, 11/5).

Fear Of Health 'Reform' Is Warranted The San Diego Union-Tribune
Consider the president's basic promises about his health overhaul: that it actually would save money, that the only new taxes would be on the very wealthy and that individuals would be free to keep their present coverage and doctors. Each of these claims is a myth (11/5).

Medicare And The Hidden Health Care Crisis The Denver Post
Next month, sharp cuts in the government's reimbursement rates for certain cardiology services proposed by Medicare will be finalized (Dr. Gary Luckasen, 11/5).

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