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Today’s Op-Eds: Obama’s Budget, Gingrich On Bipartisanship, Physician Clinics

Mr. Obama's New Budget The New York Times
Medicare and Medicaid alone will cost $788 billion; that should be another reminder of why the country needs health care reform (2/1).

A Bipartisan Prescription For National Health Care Reform Atlanta Journal-Constitution
[W]e need a rational, bipartisan approach to health reform that is truly person-centered. It's time to come together to craft a plan that puts patients first rather than political and special interests (Newt Gingrich and Andrew Von Eschenbach, 2/1).

An Obama-Sized Government National Review
[The president's health] plan would create another runaway entitlement program and partly 'pay for it' with Medicare cuts that will never stand the test of time. It's a recipe for more explosive spending growth, not less (2/1).

Unpromising Newsweek
[T]he only way for a president to start from a good bargaining position is by proposing something bolder (such as the public option) than what he ultimately thinks he can get. 'Breaking' those 'promises' may be disappointing, but it isn't a betrayal. It's governing (Andrew Romano, 2/1).

Access To Doctors Is At Stake Green Bay Press-Gazette
The solvency of physician clinics is threatened as Medicare and Medical Assistance (MA) continue to cut payments while they expand the size of the population covered (Jeff Mason, 2/2).

How to Redesign Health Care BusinessWeek
It currently costs employers, on average, nearly $11,000 per year per employee for health insurance. In 2019, it's going to cost $28,000. That means the 90% of Americans who have few medical needs every year will soon be paying $28,000 a year for the privilege. This is insane (Parkinson, 2/1).

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