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Complications Emerge To Administration’s Plan B Proposal

NPR reports on Judge Edward Korman's response to the Obama administration's Plan B proposal while CNN Money explores how the "conscience clause" creates challenges for drugstores as they sell the morning-after pill over the counter.  

NPR: Judge Reluctantly Approves Government Plan For Morning-After Pill
An obviously unhappy Judge Edward Korman has approved the Obama administration's proposal to make just one formulation of the morning-after birth control pill available over the counter without age restrictions. But in a testily worded six-page memorandum, the federal district judge made it clear he is not particularly pleased with the outcome. He has been overseeing the case in one way or another for more than eight years (Rovner, 6/13).

CNN Money: Drugstores In A Pickle Over 'Conscience Clause' On Plan B
Pharmacists aren't required to sell the morning-after pill if they're morally opposed to it. But now that a leading form of emergency contraception is set to hit shelves as an over-the-counter drug, the question facing drugstores is whether they will extend the same choice to all its employees, including cashiers. For more than a decade, Plan B One-Step, the most common morning-after pill, has been kept behind pharmacy counters (Fox, 6/14).

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