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Despite Objections To Health Law, Insurers Work Hard To Make It Succeed

The Wall Street Journal looks at how these critics of the law are key to making it work. Also, Politico examines how large and small businesses are affected by Obamacare changes.

The Wall Street Journal: Key Groups Have Love-Hate Relationship With Health Law
Health-insurance companies spent more than $80 million trying to defeat President Barack Obama's health-care plan. Having failed, they have spent the years since trying to kill a string of provisions they don't like. And yet, it is those same insurance companies that are working harder than just about anyone to try to make the law succeed. It is one of the paradoxes of the sweeping health-care law: Fierce critics can also act as supporters who are key to whether the law will work. With Mr. Obama's struggles in selling the law, their efforts have become even more critical to its success (Meckler and Radnofsky, 9/28).

In other news about the image and selling of the law -

The Associated Press: FACT CHECK: Slippery Salesmanship From Obama On Health Care, Dubious Counterclaims From GOP
President Barack Obama is the insurance industry's most powerful pitchman these days as he drums up interest in the health insurance markets opening for business Tuesday. Whatever the merits of his product, there are reasons for the buyer to beware of his rhetoric. The president is being a bit slippery on the costs of coverage, in particular. His opponents are taking their own liberties as they talk up the ills of what they deride as "Obamacare" and defend their approach to the budget impasse that threatens to close parts of the government come Tuesday. On these points, caveat emptor (Woodward, 9/29).

Politico: Can The Media Avoid Rush Judgment On Obamacare?
When Obamacare enrollment begins on Tuesday, reporters in the Twitter age will be tempted to declare the health law a success or a failure in the first few days -- a judgment that will certainly be stoked by advocates on both sides of the issue. And any rush [to] judgments could have a big impact on public opinion of the law (Gold and Cheney, 9/28).

Los Angeles Times: Selling Obamacare: White House Touts Health Law In Women's Magazines
The current Cosmopolitan magazine explains the Affordable Care Act with the "Top Eight Ways Young Women Benefit from Obamacare." Glamour lays out the "Five Things You Need to Know" about the marketplaces kicking into gear Tuesday. The other night, late-night TV host Conan O'Brien put his own spin on the meme with "Ten Pre-existing Conditions to Drive Your Man Crazy" (Parsons, 9/30).

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