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Polls Show Continued Confusion Over Health Law

New surveys show public confusion persists over many health law provisions, including the role of health insurance exchanges which open for enrollment Tuesday, and the financial assistance that will be available to many people to help them buy coverage.

The New York Times: Survey Shows Confusion Over Health Care Law But Support For Medicaid Expansion
A day before the new health care exchanges open across the country, a new report shows that the more people understand it, the more they're inclined to participate. But while most people are aware of the law's requirement to buy insurance or face a penalty, a much smaller number have any understanding of the insurance exchanges opening on Tuesday or of the financial aid available to help people buy insurance (Bornemeier, 9/30).

Politico: Poll: Most Will Get Health Insurance
Asked whether they plan to get insurance when the requirement takes effect or pay the fine for not doing so, 65 percent of uninsured Americans said they would get health insurance, according to a Gallup poll out Monday. Twenty-five percent said they would pay the fine. Gallup also asked about the whether those individuals planned to use the exchange markets that launch Tuesday to buy their insurance. Almost half, 48 percent, said they planned to use the exchanges, 36 said they did not and 17 percent weren’t sure (Kopan, 9/30).

Kaiser Health News: Capsules: Poll Finds Most Unaware of Tuesday Opening of Health Insurance Marketplaces
A new poll finds a majority of the public -- especially those lacking health coverage -- is unaware that new insurance marketplaces created by the health law are slated to open this week. The poll also found deep skepticism of media coverage of the law, with more than half the public saying they don’t trust any media source to provide credible information (Rau, 9/29).

NBC News: 'Really Confused': Kaiser/NBC Poll Finds Americans Angsting Over Health Care Law
Americans remain deeply divided on the Affordable Health Care Act, with half confused about how it works or worried about how much it will cost them, a new poll shows. Just over half said they were worried, while slightly less said they were confused. Twenty-nine percent said they were angry about the ACA, compared to just 24 percent who described themselves as enthusiastic (Connor, 9/30).

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