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Politics Mark Mass. Health Reform Anniversary

The confluence of the fifth anniversary along with Romney's informal steps toward a presidential run add interest to the developments.

The Washington Post: Romney Takes First Formal Step Toward Running For President In 2012
Romney advisers said the timing of his move was dictated by Obama's announcement, and by the imperative to show his strength as a fundraiser in the second quarter. But it also came at an awkward moment: Tuesday marks the fifth anniversary of the landmark Massachusetts health-care law that was Romney's signature achievement as governor (Tumulty, 4/11).

The Boston Globe: A Partisan Subtext Tinges Health Law's Fifth Anniversary
Iowa Democrats are doing it to tweak Mitt Romney. So are New Hampshire Democrats and Massachusetts Democrats, who are even rolling out a "Thank you Mitt Romney" sheet cake today. But not Governor Deval Patrick. When he praises Romney, his Republican predecessor, for signing the state's universal health care law five years ago today, Patrick insists he is above all that political gimmickry. Really (Levenson and Lazar, 4/12).

CBS: Mitt Romney Gets Thanks From Dems For Health Care Reform Inspiration
The White House has said the nation has Romney to thank for inspiring the president's health care overhaul. The administration has called the Massachusetts plan the "template" for its national reforms and even recruited a top Massachusetts health care administrator to help establish the new, nationwide changes. The comparison, of course, has proven to be a liability for Romney as the primaries draw near and as Romney continues to criticize Mr. Obama's health care reforms. The nationwide reforms are still controversial and especially unpopular with Republican voters. So it was clearly tongue-in-cheek when the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced that tomorrow, politicians and health care advocates will hold an event to "thank Romney for providing the critical momentum necessary to get President Obama's vision of health reform through Congress and signed into law" (Condon, 4/11).

Also in the news related to the health law and politics -

The Washington Post: House Sets More Health Care Repeal Votes
The battles over the fiscal 2011 and 2012 budgets are the center of attention this week on the Hill, but the House is also poised to consider a measure that would repeal another portion of the national health care law (Sonmez, 4/11).

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