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Report: Impact Of Ryan’s ‘Roadmap’ On Health Law Unclear

A report by the Congressional Research Service found that neither the House-passed budget resolution nor the "Roadmap to Prosperity" document provide enough detail to make a determination.

The Hill: Budget's Effect On Health Law Unclear
The CRS report obtained by The Hill says that neither the budget resolution nor the "Roadmap to Prosperity" that preceded it "provided sufficient detail regarding specific provisions that would be repealed or retained to determine the disposition of [numerous] provisions." The House approved Ryan's budget last week in a party-line vote. Some effects from the Ryan budget are clear: The Republican budget retains a half-trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare payments, for example (Pecquet, 4/18).

Meanwhile, in other news related to health reform, Politico reports on how The Boston Globe defended Mitt Romney on health care.

Politico: Boston Globe Has Mitt Romney's Back On Health Care
After a week of broadsides marked the fifth anniversary of his controversial Massachusetts health care law, Mitt Romney is getting some support from his home-state paper. In an editorial Monday, The Boston Globe writes that conservatives should give Romney credit for for "warding off various schemes feared by business." "After an Urban Institute study recommended an individual mandate, Romney made that the core of his plan," the paper says. "That was a way of sidestepping the approach many Democrats favored: a payroll tax of 5 to 7 percent on businesses that did not offer health coverage" (Summers, 4/18).

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