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Scott Brown Turns To Olympia Snowe For Help In Appealing To Women Voters

The Massachusetts senator, who has riled some women's groups for his stand on the Obama administration's contraception coverage policy, is seeking to raise the profile of women in his campaign.

Boston Globe: Senator Brown Steps Up Focus On Women
Brown, a Republican facing a difficult challenge from Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, has been hard to spot without a woman by his side in recent weeks. The focus on women follows Brown's vote on March 1 in favor of a failed measure that inflamed many women's groups. The so-called Blunt amendment would have allowed employers to deny health coverage for contraceptives and other treatments if they had a moral objection (Bierman, 3/27).

The Associated Press: GOP's Snowe: Reward Scott Brown For Bipartisanship
Maine Republican (Sen. Olympia Snowe) downplayed Brown's recent support for an amendment that would have let employers or health insurers deny coverage for services they say violate their moral or religious beliefs, including birth control. Snowe also opposed the amendment, which failed. (Snowe) chalked up her difference with Brown on the amendment to what she called an "honest disagreement" on the best way to craft a conscience exemption for religious groups (LeBlanc, 3/26).

WBUR: Sen. Brown Works To Gain Women's Vote
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is enlisting the help of a fellow Republican in his quest for re-election. Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe was in Boston Monday to campaign for Brown. Snowe defended Brown's vote in favor of giving employers a religious exemption to providing certain health coverage, but some Republican women in Massachusetts have been worried about the direction the national party has been taking. ... Brown co-sponsored a bill that would have allowed employers to opt out of providing contraception coverage if they have religious or moral objections (Thys, 3/27). 

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