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A Selection of Today's Opinions and Editorials

Obama Must Get Liberals To Support Senate Health Plan Roll Call
"Too big to fail" is the tagline that health lobbyist Fred Graefe applies to the health care reform effort, and he's got it dead right (Kondracke, 8/6).

Hospice Benefits Being Neglected In Current Health Care Plan The News-Press
As our country's leaders wrestle with reforming health care, we hear again and again that the main goal is to improve health care and reduce its overall cost. Why, then, is the Medicare hospice benefit, which actually saves the government money and improves quality of life for terminally ill patients, at risk of being cut? (Otterbeck, 8/6).

Why Can't Health Insurance Be More Like Auto Insurance? Christian Science Monitor
Imagine how much automobile insurance would cost if it paid for all expenses associated with owning an automobile - oil changes, engine failures, worn-out tires, brakes, rust, and so on. The number of people who couldn't afford car insurance would rise dramatically, and we would have a car insurance crisis in America. That is the situation with healthcare (Krajacic, 8/5).

Key To Reform Is Doctor Access For All The Miami Herald
As a family physician, I see the effects of our broken healthcare system every day. ... Healthcare reform can't come soon enough (Mayeaux, 8/6).

Keeping The Patient In The Equation – Humanism And Health Care Reform New England Journal Of Medicine
Over the past decade, two major movements have emerged in medicine, both intended to improve patient care (Hartzband and Groopman, 8/5).

ObamaCare's Real Price Tag Wall Street Journal
As ObamaCare sinks in the polls, Democrats are complaining that the critics are distorting their proposals. But the truth is that the closer one inspects the actual details, the worse it all looks. Today's example is the vast debt canyon that would open just beyond the 10-year window under which the bill is officially "scored" for cost purposes (8/6).

No Free Healthcare Ride For Congress Politico
Today's society is beset by "urban legends" - rumors spread widely on the Internet that are not true. One of the current urban legends making the rounds is that members of Congress get free health care. That is particularly in vogue today because Congress is spending much of this year debating how to reform the health care system for all the rest of us (Frost, 8/6).

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